Winter Picnic


Here in the Pacific Northwest the sky begins to leak in October and doesn’t stop until May.  True, in April it’s about 50/50 but for the most part we enjoy rainy weather.

I noticed decades ago, when my children were quite young, that we caught a break in February.  Yes!  Generally, a week of sunshine burst forth, changing up the pattern and creating it’s own kind of joy.

Waking to sunshine on one of those days, I hatched a plan.  I packed a lunch, a blanket, a ball, bundled the children and off we drove to a nearby park.  Fun!  A short walk brought us to a dry section of ground. Down went the blanket, quickly followed by two hungry happy children, a picnic basket and the ball.  A stray dog curiously eyed the process.

In no time our picnic unfolded: drinks, fruit, veggies, sandwich and dessert.  My preschooler chatted about important things in her world while I set my sandwich down to rescue my toddler’s drink.  BAM!!!

I turned as my daughter yelled; ready to right the wrong, fight the injustice and everything else moms do to protect, keep peace and restore order.  I found my daughter pointing to the interloper!  The absconder of sandwiches!!  The dog!

Yes, I lost my sandwich to a beautiful black lab.  The children and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.  I did make sure the scoundrel, the sneaky procurer of delicious sandwiches not his own remained at a distance while we carried on–after all we still had dessert!  A festive atmosphere prevailed.

When we were satisfied, we carefully packed things up, played with the ball then headed for home.

We picnicked in February every year until our youngest was four years old.  Naturally, I packed extra sandwiches.

How about you?  What do you do to stave off cabin fever?  Do you go some place or to a special room in your home?  Perhaps create a sunny environment complete with music, bright colors and more light?

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