I Wonder

Come join the fun as we peek into the lives of some adorable creatures. Bears love the water. Is it possible they sail boats? Hmmm. I wonder…

This book is filled with fun and will delight preschoolers and young readers alike and open their worlds to the joys and possibilities of wonder.

I Wonder beautifully captures the essence of childhood. The whimsical language, rhythmic cadence, and delightful illustrations epitomize the imaginative nature of the book. It is filled with fun vignettes of animals engaging in playful activities which invite the reader to explore the world beyond their everyday experiences. The impact reaches far beyond the physical pages of the book by creating a space for children to wonder, imagine, and laugh.

Heather Ingersoll, M.A.
Professor and Chair of Early Childhood Education at Trinity Lutheran College


As a parent, grandparent, elementary educator of long-standing, and a person with a playful spirit, I greeted Essea White’s I Wonder with joy and delight. It is crammed with clever and creative rhymes that tickle your fancy while engaging the mind with whimsy and provocative questions. Lois Dahl’s charming illustrations complement the text perfectly, making this book ideal for children of all ages.

Ms. Sherry Chavers, M.A.

As an author who has wondered on paper if owls and mice can become friends, I enjoyed wondering also about crows playing cards at midnight and moles writing poetry, and all the other silly images in I WONDER. Kids will go to sleep with smiles on their faces and permission to let their imaginations soar.

Sonja Anderson, author of Sophie’s Quest (Sunberry Books). Find Sonja here.

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