I began my love affair with puppetry in 2000. I asked the Children’s Education Director at my church if I could bring a puppet show to the preschoolers each week.  She said yes and I was on my way!  As the weeks and months went by, I learned:The children responded to stuffed animals as well as hand puppets.I didn’t need a theater for the puppet sketches.  I could sit in the open among the children and as long as I kept my eyes on the puppet/s, the children were immersed in the story. I could write to a deadline. I could improvise. The children loved to engage the puppet/s. The children couldn’t wait to create their own stories.What I didn’t expect:

1. Strong personalities to emerge from each puppet.
2. They learn lessons as they live their lives in the forest, farm or pond.
3. Stories touch a child’s heart and life.