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esseaSurprise. Wonder. Possibilities. These drive my writing. I write for the joy of it! Writing takes me to fun and amazing new worlds that dazzle and amuse me. Would you like to come with me?

A Little About Me

I’m a post World War II baby, born in the late 40s in Long Beach, California. My brother, sister and I enjoyed days of unending sunshine and playing kick-the-can, freeze tag and hide and seek with the other neighborhood children until darkness descended and our parents called us in for the night. I have lovely memories of days at the beach, gorgeous orange groves that went on seemingly forever, palm trees, geraniums, picnics in parks and camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Just as a fella named Elvis came on the ‘scene’, we moved to an island in the Pacific Northwest in the State of Washington. Fidalgo Island.

This jewel of an island had it’s own mountain, its own island and several lakes. It was here among the children of the fishermen, loggers and refinery workers I came of age. I’m sure I’ll tell you more of this beautiful community later.

I graduated from high school and had the privilege of going on to college. I graduated from the University of Washington, married and four years later moved to what was then North Yemen in the Middle East. We later lived in Cairo, Egypt before planting our lives in a small community north of Seattle. I have three grown children who continue to enrich my life. I’ve retired and moved back to Fidalgo Island, enjoy photography, bird watching, crafting, baking and traveling with my dog, Jack, when I’m not writing.

Fun Factsorchids

Five beautiful orchids call my kitchen home. I talk to them every morning and tell them how beautiful they are. I think they like it!

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