10 Minute Gift for Mother’s Day



My friend Kay stopped by in early April to show me how to make a planter using a one gallon plastic jug.  It’s eco friendly, durable and with a little help from an adult, a child can make this Mother’s Day gift in 10 minutes. At the end of this blog I have the ‘after’ photo as it’s been three weeks and a slideshow.

What you’ll need:
Plastic jugs, gloves, drill, scissors, soil, plants, a bow
Step 1:  Drill several holes in the bottom of the container…

…similar to this for drainage.
Step 2:  Using a pair of scissors cut an opening in the container in the area opposite the handle for the plants.  Be sure to leave enough area in the bottom for the soil and plants.

Should look something like this.

Step 3:  Add the potting soil.  You could place a few small rocks in the bottom for drainage if you’d like.


Step 4:  Add your flowers.
BOOM!  Finished!

Enjoy your blooms.


Three weeks later


This was an enjoyable project for me.  I love using tools and creating something lovely to boot!

Lessons learned:  I spray painted my remaining containers but the paint easily scraped off.  Another idea might be to dip hands in acrylic paint and stamp on the container.  Or a thumbprint flower on the side might be fun and less messy.

Whatever you do, have a little fun and enjoy the beauty all summer long.

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